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February 02, 2023 3 min read

Everyone knows that babies have fragile bodies that require special care and attention. Naturally, this means they must be appropriately carried; the baby's head must be supported, and the body must lean on you. Around the 4th to 6th months, the baby will have grown considerably, allowing you to carry them in an outward-facing position.

As the name suggests, the outward-facing position when carrying a baby is when it faces away from you. Reaching the 4th to 6th month must be done first before letting your baby be carried in an outward-facing position because your baby’s neck and spine are strong enough to support the weight of their head. This position also allows the baby to observe the world around them and can benefit their development. However, many parents have reservations about this because they are afraid their babies will be uncomfortable, which is never the case. To help you with this, we will answer some of the most common questions about carrying your baby in an outward-facing position, such as:

#1 - Can You Carry Your Baby This Way Anytime?

The answer is yes, but you must consider your baby's age and development. As mentioned, your baby must be at least 4 to 6 months old and have developed enough neck and spine strength. This is the minimum age and development level required to carry your baby in an outward-facing position.

More importantly, the position should only be used when your baby is in a safe, comfortable, and secure environment. This means you should not use this position when carrying your baby in a crowded place or when there is a risk of them getting injured.

#2 - What Are the Benefits of Carrying Your Baby in an Outward-Facing Position?

The most obvious benefit of carrying your baby in an outward-facing position is that it allows them to explore the world around them. It also allows them to interact with other people, which can help with their social development.

Consequently, it can help your baby to learn how to balance their body and can help them to become more independent. It can also benefit your baby's physical development as it can help them build strength in their neck, back, and core muscles.

#3 - What Are the Risks of Carrying Your Baby in an Outward-Facing Position?

The most important thing to consider is your baby's safety. You should always ensure your baby is in a secure and safe environment when using this position.

Additionally, you should always ensure that your baby is comfortable and well-supported. If your baby is not supported adequately, it may experience discomfort or pain in the neck and back. Therefore, you should always ensure they are adequately supported with a carrier or sling.

#4 - Is a Carrier Recommended?

Yes, a carrier is recommended for use in the babywearing position. Carriers are designed to provide extra support for your baby’s neck, back, and hips and can help ensure your baby is comfortable and secure. Carriers are typically adjustable, allowing you to find the best fit for your baby.

Baby carriers are also convenient and can be used for various activities, such as running errands, walking, or even taking a nap. They provide a hands-free way to carry your baby and can be used from birth until your baby reaches the maximum weight limit recommended by the carrier manufacturer.

#5 - How Do You Know If the Baby Is Uncomfortable?

If your baby is uncomfortable, there are several signs that you can look for. First, your baby may start to squirm or fuss in the carrier. They may also cry or arch their back. Other signs of discomfort can include redness of the face, sweating, or difficulty breathing. Suppose your baby is exhibiting any of these signs. In this case, you must stop and check that the carrier is adjusted correctly and that your baby is comfortable.


Carrying your baby in an outward-facing position can be done, but only if your baby is developmentally ready and the carrier is adjusted correctly. Even if your baby is secure, it is important to check frequently to ensure they are comfortable. This way, you and your baby can enjoy the experience and make lasting memories.

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