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January 19, 2023 3 min read

Babywearing is an age-old practice of carrying a baby in a sling or wrap close to the body. It has been used by parents and caregivers around the world for centuries and is gaining in popularity in the Western world. Babywearing has many benefits for both baby and parent.

From a baby’s perspective, babywearing helps to create a secure environment by providing physical contact and closeness. It promotes the development of emotional and psychological security, as babies are able to observe their surroundings and interact with their parents in a secure and loving environment. It also helps to reduce crying and increase sleep, as babies feel safe and secure when held close to their parents. In addition, babywearing helps to regulate a baby’s temperature and stimulate their senses, as the fabric of the sling or wrap typically has interesting textures and patterns.

From a parent’s perspective, babywearing can help to reduce stress and promote bonding. It can make it easier for parents to complete daily tasks, as they can keep their baby close while attending to other matters. The closeness and physical contact also helps to promote a strong bond between baby and parent.

Just as important as choosing the right type of baby carrier is finding the right accessories that could make your babywearing journey even more amazing. Here are some of the best accessories to get if you're babywearing:

Infant Insert

One of the most important items you’ll need is an infant insert. An infant insert is a padded fabric panel that is designed to provide extra support and safety for newborns and small babies while they’re being carried.

Infant inserts are designed to provide extra head and neck support, as well as to keep the baby in an ergonomic position. They also help to keep the baby’s hips in the correct position, which is important for proper development.

When buying an infant insert, it’s important to make sure it fits properly. Look for inserts that are adjustable and can be used with different carriers. It’s also a good idea to look for inserts that are made from breathable fabrics and have a waterproof layer. This will help to keep your baby cool and dry while you’re out and about.

Teething/Drool Pads

A teething/drool pad is a piece of fabric that is designed to fit over the shoulder straps of your baby carrier. It helps to protect your clothing and the straps of your carrier from the wetness and mess that comes along with teething and drooling. The fabric is typically waterproof, so it will help to keep your clothing and your carrier dry.

The fabric used in teething/drool pads is typically a soft, absorbent material like cotton or bamboo. This helps to absorb the excess moisture and prevent it from dripping onto your clothes or the straps of your carrier.


A hood is a must-have accessory for babywearing. It provides protection from the elements, such as wind, rain and sun. It also helps to keep your baby warm in colder weather. Hoods vary in size and shape, so you can find one to fit your baby perfectly.

Hoods come in a variety of materials, including cotton, fleece, and wool. Cotton is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for warmer weather. Fleece material is thicker and warmer, making it ideal for colder months. Wool is also a great option, as it is naturally insulating and water-resistant.

Baby Carrier Cover

A baby carrier cover is essentially a cover that you can place on top of your carrier to keep your baby warm and protected from the elements.

Baby carrier covers can be made from a variety of materials such as cotton, polyester, fleece, and even wool. Many are also waterproof, meaning that if you’re out in the rain or snow, your baby will still be warm and dry. Baby carrier covers come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you’re sure to find one that works best for you and your baby.

Waist Extenders

Waist extenders are straps that add extra length to your baby carrier’s waistband. This makes it easier to find the right fit for you and your baby, and ensures that your baby is secure and comfortable. Waist extenders are made of sturdy materials that can handle your baby’s weight, and they usually come with adjustable buckles to make sure they fit your baby carrier perfectly.


Having the right accessories for your baby carrier is essential for the safety and comfort of both you and your baby, so make sure that you get these so you can enjoy your babywearing journey even more.

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