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January 09, 2023 8 min read

Babies love to explore the world around them. Yet, they also enjoy being close to their caregivers. Many neophyte parents (or even tenured ones for that matter) want to be able to bond with their baby and still be able to accomplish all their tasks for the day. This is where babywearing comes in!

There are generally mixed sentiments about babywearing. Most parents swear by it, saying that it made parenting a baby a lot easier and that it made the experience much more fulfilling. However, there are also a handful of parents who say that this style of parenting is not for them.


If you are preparing yourself to welcome a new bundle of joy, you may be wondering if babywearing is right for you or not. This article will be a beginner’s guide to everything you should know about babywearing and why you may want to try it! Read on to find out how babywearing works and the benefits it can have for you and your little one.

Babywearing 101: Everything New Parents Need to Know

You may have a dozen questions whirring around in your mind, all wanting to come out first. Before anything else, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about babywearing to get them out of the way first.

 Babywearing FAQs

 Here are some of the most common questions new parents have about babywearing. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you get closer to making an informed decision as to whether you may want to incorporate babywearing into your parenting plan or not.

 1 - Is babywearing safe?

This is probably one of the most, if not the most asked questions about using baby carriers. To remove all speculation about the matter, the short and straight answer is: Yes, baby carriers and babywearing are safe! In fact, there are numerous benefits that would indicate that babywearing is beneficial. Many experts say that it is a convenient way to carry a baby and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Many do not know, but babywearing is a natural way to carry your baby and keep them close to you. This style of carrying babies has been practiced for eons, even before the modern baby carriers were invented. To clear all doubt from your mind, it is perfectly safe for babies to be carried this way.


2 - When is the right time to start babywearing?

Babywearing can be done as soon as the baby is born! Wraps and slings are specifically designed to be able to support the baby’s head, as is needed for carrying a newborn. Babywearing will also encourage skin-to-skin contact between baby and parents, which is a natural way to intensify their bond.


3 - Is it comfortable to wear?

If you follow the directions on how to properly position your baby when you place them in a carrier, both of you will be comfortable while you are carrying them. The best babywearing carriers are made of breathable and soft materials that will cradle your baby and make them feel safe and secure. While the focus should be placed on your baby when they are in the carrier, it is also worth noting that parents and caregivers who use carriers or slings are also comfortable.


4 - How long can I use a baby carrier to “wear” my baby?

There is no exact limit in terms of how many hours it is safe to carry your baby in a babywearing device. You may hold your baby for as long as you are both comfortable. In between putting them down for naps in their crib, changing their nappies, and maybe having them sit in a high chair for meals, you can have them on you for the entire day.

You may use a carrier to do babywearing until your child reaches the maximum weight limit specified on the carrier or babywearing device. It is important never to exceed this weight limitation to ensure that your baby never falls to the ground because they are too heavy for the device.

True Accounts of Babywearing for Parents

Other parents who swear by babywearing say that it changed their lives for the better, in many different ways. Here are a few of the many positive effects that babywearing has had on the lives of many new parents.

1 - Babies May Not Love the Idea at First

There may be instances where the baby doesn’t enjoy being carried in a babywearing carrier, at least not at first. Some newborns may prefer to be held in the traditional way at first. However, you may try and revisit the idea when they are a little older. Keep in mind that newborn babies are still getting used to being in the outside world. If they do not seem keen on being carried using a wrap or sling at first, they might still be open to trying babywearing again when they are a little older.


2 - It Is Natural for Babies to Crave Closeness

During the first few years of a baby’s life, they will want to stay close to their parents, especially their mother. Most babies will cry when they cannot physically see their parents because they do not yet understand that their mommy or daddy still exists even if they do not see them. Babywearing will eliminate the stress that babies experience when they are not with their parents.


 3 - Babywearing Offers Convenience for Parents

If it is not already apparent, babywearing will free up both the hands of the caregiving parent. This parenting hack will allow them to do other chores, housework, or accomplish any tasks for the day. Many newbie parents often complain that they did not have time to do anything else when their baby was born. Babywearing may just be the solution these parents are looking for.


4 - It Is Great for Foster Parents

Foster parents who are adopting newborns will use babywearing to help bond with their foster child. Doing babywearing early on will help establish a strong bond between the foster parents and child because of skin-to-skin contact. This will help the baby adjust to their new environment more quickly and feel at home with their new family.


5 - Babywearing Is Less Bulky Than a Pram 

While using prams have their own set of advantages, the fact remains that they may tend to be a little bulky and may take up more space in the boot of your car. In contrast, babywearing carriers will take up only a small amount of space. You may even be able to wear the devices with your baby in them while you are riding in the car.


 6 - Never Feel That You “Missed Out” on Those Small Moments

Many parents feel that they missed out on the crucial moments of their babies’ lives because they did not carry them enough. With babywearing, you will never have to worry about not having carried your child as much as you could have. Remember that skin-to-skin contact increases the closeness between caregivers and children. Children who are held will have a lower chance of feeling neglected.


7 - Babywearing Encourages Breastfeeding


Many new mothers want to try breastfeeding, but have a difficult time getting started. Carrying your baby in front of you using a sling will put your baby in the optimal position for breastfeeding. This will help you recognise the signs of hunger in your baby and feed them without them having to cry and ask you for milk. Whether you are looking into ways to make the breastfeeding experience easier and more convenient or not, having your baby constantly close to you will have many advantages in itself.

8 - Avoid Cranial Deformities by Babywearing

Babies who spend much time on car seats or lying down on a bed or crib may develop cranial deformities if their parents do not take time to rotate their heads once in a while. A newborn baby’s skull is still forming and it is softer than an adult skull, which is why babies should not be left to lay down on one side of their head for too long. A wrap, sling or other babywearing devices will follow the natural curve of your baby’s head and cradle it to ensure that the baby’s head and bones will develop as they should.


Look for the Right Baby Carrier

Selecting the right baby carrier is a must. There are some knock-off brands that may try to pass off as the real thing at a lower price. Buying your babywearing devices from a reliable store will assure you that you are using only the safest equipment to handle your baby.

If you are looking for a high-quality baby carrier, remember that getting the cheapest option is not always the best way to go about finding the right device for you and your child. The best type of babywearing devices must be sturdy and come at a price that is acceptable to you.


Myths about Babywearing that You Shouldn’t Believe


Just like any other good thing, there will always be misconceptions circulating around about babywearing. This next bit of the article will set the record straight about these myths and why you should not believe the negative things you may hear about babywearing practices.


1 - Babywearing Can Damage Your Back


Some people believe that babies are too heavy to be carried this way. While it may be true that it is a little tiring to wear a sling with a heavy baby in it, you need to remember that this is not going to be a lifetime commitment. Your baby will grow up more quickly than you’d like. Soon they will be running around and you will find yourself missing the times when they were small enough to fit in the baby sling. If your baby seems comfortable in the babywearing device and enjoys being close to you, it is best to cherish these moments because they will not last forever.

2 - Babies Who Are Constantly Carried Are Clingy

Babywearing will bring parents and babies closer together. Babies who experienced babywearing will likely grow into more confident children who are happy and content. The reason behind this is because they felt safe and secure when they were babies. These children will grow up having a closer relationship with their parents in comparison to babies who did not experience babywearing. This does not mean that babywearing children are more clingy, it just means that they may have a stronger bond with their parents.


3 - Babywearing Will Inhibit Parents from Doing Chores

As mentioned earlier, babywearing will actually help parents of newborns settle into their new life and routine after babies are born. Since they will have their babies on them, the need for baby monitors will be eliminated. Parents will be able to get everything they need to be done, without worrying about their baby.


Why You Should Try Babywearing

Many parents often lament that their children have grown up in seemingly the blink of an eye. Babywearing will allow you to bond with your child and be able to cherish the moments while they are small. Remember that it is true that your babies will not stay small forever.


In the beginning, it may be confusing for a lot of parents to know how they want to raise their children. This may be a result of a lot of unsolicited advice from concerned friends and family and ultimately just wanting the best for their babies. The best way to find out if a specific parenting tactic like babywearing works or not is to try it yourself!



To sum everything up, babywearing is a natural way to carry your baby and build a bond with them in the process. This type of parenting hack has been done for thousands of years and humans only decided to use the Cry It Out Method instead. However, many parents are trying to bring back this natural way of caring for their babies. If you think that babywearing may be something that you want to try for yourself, finding the right carrier is a must!


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