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February 12, 2021 3 min read

The experience of starting a family and having a child is something that is as unique as it is challenging. From keeping track of dilation's and the tiring process of giving birth to picking out the right school, bringing a little one into the world is packed with hurdles that require much dedication and patience. 

When it comes to buying the right supplies, you’ll find yourself getting more confused with what to buy (and what to avoid). Eventually, you might ask yourself all types of questions, such as:

“Am I getting the right type of diapers?”
“Should I get more clothes even though they’re going to grow in the next few months?”
“How do I know if my baby’s going to like the formula?”

As the questions add up and your parenthood to-do list grows even bigger, you’ll likely start deliberating between various options non-stop as you decide between supplies and purchases. However, beyond matters related to powder, shampoo, diapers, and bottles, there’s one specific question that will jump at you sooner or later: “What should I look for when buying a baby carrier?”

A few factors to consider when purchasing a baby carrier

Now that you’re out of the first unbearable stages of parenthood, the chances are that you’re planning to go out with your little bundle of joy. But to make things safe as you go around and flex your new parenthood status, you’ll need to get the right baby carrier for your needs!
Although it may seem like a rather minor detail at first, purchasing a customisable baby carrier can be quite complicated because there are many options available in the market. Fortunately, you won’t need to end up confusing yourself or running into the risk of buying the wrong type of carrier because we’ve got you covered with this guide on three factors to consider: 

1. The age, size, and weight of your little one

Depending on just how heavy and big your little one was when they came out and what stage of life they're in, there are certain types of carriers that will be perfect for them based on their age and size. 

Today, you’ll find many different options classified according to the three factors mentioned above: there are carriers made for toddlers, newborns, and preschoolers—to mention a few. When it comes to choosing the best carrier depending on this specific category of factors, it’s worth noting that best practice dictates to choose a bigger carrier if possible so you don’t buy too many extra ones in the future! 

2. Design and comfort

When you choose a carrier for your little one, another pair of key factors you’ll need to consider is the option’s design and comfort.

Considering that your child is going to be the one sitting in the carrier, you must ensure that the final option you purchase is something that they’re going to be comfortable with. In fact, both these factors will affect the experience your baby has far more than you’d expect because it also impacts the way they develop their spine and grow! 

3. Purpose

When you take a look at today’s carrier options, you’ll notice that many of them are segregated according to size, comfort, design, or child stages, and also for purpose.

Compared to the days of the past where carriers were “as-is” and would either be too clunky, impractical, or unsafe in various situations, today’s options come in different types that are built for certain purposes. For example, Onward provides adventure baby carriers for parents who want to bring their kids to the great outdoors without worrying about little inconveniences as experienced with standard options! 


Although purchasing the right baby carrier for your little one can be a confusing experience at first, knowing what specific factors to watch out for will allow you to make the most informed decision possible. Thankfully, closely following this guide will point you in the right direction so that you can pick an appropriate carrier that you’ll get to use until your child can sit in a regular seat on their own!

If you’re looking for the bestadventure baby carrier in Australia that will let you bring your little one and help them experience the most wondrous parts of nature, Onward has got you covered. Check out our online store and place your order today!