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June 03, 2021 8 min read

Some couples find getting pregnant a little bit challenging. And when you find out that you're pregnant, you'll definitely feel a rollercoaster of emotions, and keeping it to yourself can be difficult. Naturally, the first thing you'll want to do is reveal to your partner that you've got a bun in the oven, but how do you do that?

Seeing that finding out you're pregnant can be shocking, exciting, happy, and scary all-in-one, some mamas-to-be will have different ways of revealing their little bundle of joy. While some would like to keep it simple and be more straightforward, others like to go all out with the announcement and even plan a crazy surprise. 

Of course, you want to ensure that you tell your partner that you're pregnant the best way possible, but how? Fortunately, there are colourful ways to disclose this secret; all you need to do is choose one that suits you both. 

From simply having a custom shirt that says "we've got a baby!", to having a customisable baby carrier parked in your room, we've cooked up some ideas to help you show your partner that you're eating for two!

What Are Some Different Ways to Share Your Good News?

Here are some fantastic ideas that will surely make this reveal an unforgettable moment for you both. Let's dive into it!

Tip #1: Announce Your Pregnancy With a Book

If you're carrying your first child, as first-time parents, there's a lot of things you need to learn. So, one of the best ways to low-key tell your partner that they're becoming a parent soon is by surprising them with a parenting book.

This is one of the best ways to reveal you're pregnant because it seems very simple. But when they start to read the book's title, they'll finally know the surprising good news. The best part? You and your partner can read the book together after all the excitement settles down, allowing you two a moment to bond and pick up some tips moving forward.

Tip #2: Literally Put a Bun in the Oven

If you want a quirky way of announcing that you're pregnant and you've got an oven at home, it's time for you to utilise it. For dinner, ask your partner to get the meal you "prepared" for yourself in the oven. 

When they open the oven, they should find a bun with a note saying, "We've got a bun in the oven!". Oh, make sure to take a video of their reaction, it's definitely going to be priceless!

Tip #3: A Surprise in a Stick

Another simple pregnancy reveal is to wrap your pregnancy stick and hand it to your partner. Consider putting the stick in a box and wrapping it. Because of the shape, they won't even think about seeing a pregnancy stick inside. 

When they open it, they'll surely get fantastic news. But if you had used a digital pregnancy test, make sure you take the test within the first eight hours of hiding it since the word "pregnant" could disappear quickly, depending on the brand.

Tip #4: Have a Pair of Baby Shoes With Yours

A cute way to reveal to your partner that you're pregnant is by putting a pair of baby shoes in the hallway with your shoes for them to see. For example, suggest that you guys take a walk and put on your shoes together. They'll find a pair of tiny shoes, and you can reveal that a tiny one is coming along!

Tip #5: Wear a Baby Carrier

If you and your partner share a common love for hiking, you can also ditch the baby shoes and go for an even bigger surprise. 

When you're both ready to head out, make sure your partner steps out first, and when they turn around, make sure they see you wearing a baby carrier, likeOnward’s Adventure Baby Carrier. Have some balloons and a note announcing your pregnancy, and get ready to watch the most heartwarming reaction!

Tip #6: Announce It With a Pop

Revealing you've got a bun in the oven with a bang is a fun way to tell your partner that you're with a child. A simple but fun way to say this is by using balloons. 

First, you can fill a balloon with confetti and some tiny notes saying that you're pregnant. Or you can stick some balloons in your bedroom and spell out the word "baby!" It's pretty simple, but it'll surely surprise them and make them happy!

Tip #7: Pregnancy Countdown

Another fantastic way to reveal to your partner that you're pregnant is by using a pregnancy countdown.

You can wear a customised countdown maternity shirt, have countdown blocks on your counter, or print out a customised calendar where they can see it. Doing this won't only surprise them, but it'll also get them excited for the day your baby arrives.

Tip #8: Do Something With Your Kid

If this isn't your first baby or if you have a nephew or niece, you can work with them to reveal the surprise to your partner. 

You can make it simple by asking your kid to tell your partner, "I'm going to have a baby brother or sister soon!". This way, you could startle your partner for a bit, and you can walk in with a cake that says, "We're having another baby!".

Tip #9: Bake Something

If your partner will be out the whole day, a great way to reveal some sweet news is baking delicious desserts and customising them with baby news. 

Consider baking some cookies and adding "baby" frosting on each cookie. Or if you want, you can even bake a cake and design it with baby essentials, like a pacifier, a teddy bear, some diapers, and more.

The best time to reveal this is by taking them out after dinner and telling them to give you a slice. Watch their reaction; it'll be the best!

Tip #10: News From the Mail

A great way to confuse your partner and surprise them straight after is by "sending" a package to your doorstep. Sure, a package isn't much of a big deal, but when they open it and find a box of diapers, it can be the best thing they've received in a while. 

But remember to address the package to them. This way, they'll be the ones to receive the package, open it, and be surprised by the news. 

Tip #11: Surprise in the Market

Make the most out of your grocery run by revealing to your partner that you're pregnant by heading over to the baby aisle and getting baby essentials. 

This might confuse them at first, but when you reveal the news to them slowly, it'll be the best grocery trip the both of you have ever had. The great thing about this is that most groceries have a CCTV camera focused on every aisle; you can talk to security beforehand so they can take a video of the sweet surprise.

Tip #12: Playing With Puzzles

If you want a slow, quiet, and intimate way to reveal to your partner that you're pregnant, consider creating a customised puzzle that shows that you're pregnant. When the puzzle is complete, they'll get two rewards — a finished puzzle and the best news yet!

Tip #13: Make Room for the Baby

More than halfway through our list, one of the simplest ways to reveal to your partner that you're expecting is that you want to let them know you're "eating for two."

Set up a fancy dinner at home for your partner and either place more food on your side of the table or have an extra chair with an extra set of utensils. They'll ask you why you've got so much on your plate, and you can reveal by saying, "I'm eating for two!"

Tip #14: Ditch the Wine Bottle and Put Out a Baby Bottle

If you have a bedtime ritual of having a glass of wine before bed, consider handing over a baby bottle instead of a wine bottle. Their reaction can be shocking and funny, but when they realise what it means, they'll be so happy!

Tip #15: Gift a Shirt

A fun way to reveal that you're pregnant is by wearing a customised shirt before you even head out. Find a shirt that says quirky pregnancy-related phrases or have one made with your own design. 

Consider putting phrases like "Pregnant AF," "Got a But In the Oven," or even something simple as "#Pregnant." The funny thing about this is that it might take a while before they notice, but their reaction would be priceless when they do.

Tip #15: Play With Words

Playing board games is incredibly fun and something you and your partner will enjoy. Make game night more interesting and unforgettable by revealing your pregnancy news by putting it on the board while playing word games like scrabble or banana gram. 

When you're deep into the game, make sure you have prepared tiles ready, and start placing them on the board. The "I'm pregnant" phrase will surely confuse them at first, but when your eyes meet, it'll be the best feeling ever, and they'll be delighted by the news!

Tip #16: Chinese Takeout and a Fortune Cookie

If you're eating in and want to spend time together at home, consider ordering Chinese food for dinner and request a custom fortune cookie. 

The great thing about this is fortune cookies are often eaten after a meal, so give your partner a fortune cookie, ask them to crack it, and have their note say, "It's not a food baby. We're having a real one!" — isn't that a cute way to break the news?

Tip #17: Send It to Them Quickly

Whether you're in the same room or they're at work, one of the most unexpected ways to reveal that you're pregnant is sending your pregnancy results out of nowhere and waiting for their reaction. 

If you're in the same room, send them a picture of your pregnancy test, and they'll be so surprised they'd jump out of bed to hug you! If your partner is at work, ask that one of their co-workers take a reaction and be ready outside of the office — it'll be a double surprise!

Tip #18: Baby Fund Piggy Bank

A cute and practical way to reveal to your partner that you're with a child is by putting out a piggy bank with a note that says, "baby fund." 

Choose one budgeting night where you and your partner discuss your expenses for the month. Towards the end, reveal that you want to add another fund into your budget. Put out the piggy bank with a "baby fund" not in it, and you'll be pleased with their reaction!

Tip #19: Picnic Reveal

If you're due for a date, consider going out for a road trip with your partner. Drive along the coast and have some food ready; however, make sure to pack an extra basket with some baby trinkets for the reveal. 

While you're nearing the end of your picnic, head back to your car and grab the extra basket. Ask your partner to open the "dessert" basket — they'll be surprised with much sweeter news than cupcakes and cookies!

Tip #20: Push Notification Surprise

Finally, an effortless and unexpected way to surprise your partner with the news is having a custom push notification or an event set in their phone's calendar. 

Make sure that you're in the room when they receive the notification. You can either ask your doctor's secretary to send a confirmation message regarding your first pregnancy appointment, or you can trigger an event saying when your first pregnancy appointment would be. 

This surprise is so simple, but it'll mean the world to them!

The Bottom Line: Revealing You're Pregnant Is Ridiculously Fun

One of the best news anyone can hear, especially if you've been trying for years, is that they'll be a parent soon. Pregnancy reveals are one of the most important events in a couple's life, and of course, you want to ensure that you plan a unique and memorable one. 

So, whether you're triggering a doctor's appointment notification or parking a customisable baby carrier outside of your home — whatever you choose, your partner will be thrilled by the news.

Congratulations and good luck!

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